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All conference sessions take place in Building 14 (as is shown below) of the College of Humanities at Seoul National University. The location of Building 14 is indicated on the
SNU campus map.

• How to Get from the Hoam Faculty House to the Conference Venue
The main campus of Seoul National University is within a 20-minute walking distance from the Hoam Faculty House, so you may take a walk to Building 14.

But the most convenient way to get from the Hoam Faculty House to Building 14 is to take the small green village bus #02 that runs every 10-15 minutes between SNU and the Nakseongdae subway station (the nearest subway station to the Hoam Faculty House).

  • Take the village bus #02 (as is shown below) at the bus stop in front of Hoam Faculty House. The fare is KRW 1,000 by cash.

  • Get off at the bus stop in front of the newly built Amphitheater (as is shown below). It will take approximately 5 minutes from Hoam to Amphitheater.

    Village Bus #02 Route
    Nakseongdae Subway Station (Subway Line Number 2) ▶ Nakseongdae Entrance ▶ Inhun Elementary School ▶ Hyundai Apartment ▶ Nakseongdae Park ▶ Seoul Science Park ▶ Hoam Faculty House ▶ [Inhun Apartment] ▶  Family Dormitory ▶ SNU Rear Gate ▶ College Dormitory ▶ Graduate Dormitory ▶ Dormitory Entrance ▶ Amphitheater ▶ National Center for Inter-University Research Facilities ▶ Faculty Club ▶ Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics . . .
  • After you get off at the Amphitheater bus stop, take a walk downhill, turn right at Building 9, and then turn left. You will arrive at Building 14.
• Lunch
Since the main campus of Seoul National University is big, it will be difficult to have lunch outside the campus during the conference. There are a number of places for lunch in the SNU campus, among which the following cafetererias/restaurants are particularly close to the conference venue. Please refer to the SNU campus map for their location.
  • Cafeteria/Restaurant Jahayon (Building 109)
  • 4th Cafeteria/Restaurant ("Doo-rae Midam", Building 76)
  • Asia Center ("Gam-gol Sikdang", Building 101. Vegetarian buffets are served.)
  • Dongwon Dining Hall ("Sodam Maru", Building 113)